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Oklahoma legislation plays an important role in nutrition and change toward a healthier Oklahoma. Our legislators make key decisions that have the potential to change our community for the better. By contacting your legislators, you too can make a difference and help Oklahomans become more mindful of our collective health.

OKAND Public Policy Committee Members

Diana Rice, RDN, LD

Diana Rice

Public Policy Coordinator*

Katie Raymond, MS, RD

State Policy Representative

Megan Krampe, MS, RD/LD

Consumer Protection Coordinator

Catherine Bardeaux, MS, RD, LD

Nutrition Services Payment Specialist

Katey Tucker, MS, RD, LD

Katey Tucker, MS, RD, LD

State Regulatory Specialist

Peggy Turner, MS RD LD FAND


Haley Billings, MS, RD, LD

Public Policy Coordinator Jr.

Oklahoma's U.S. Senators

grey haired businesswoman working with a computer

Who are your federal and state legislators?

Visit the OK Legislature website, enter your information, and you will find contact information for all of your federal and state legislators.

Want to take action?

On the Academy website, there are a variety of resources, as well as information about the Grassroots Manager, which helps members contact their legislators.

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