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Position TitleCompany NamePosition LocationRequirements
DietitianOklahoma City-County Health DepartmentOklahoma City, Oklahoma

-Bachelor's or Master’s degree
-Current Registered Dietitian (RD/RND) and current Licensure from the State of Oklahoma
-Valid Oklahoma driver license required
Level 1 – no experience required - $2,151 semi-monthly
Level 2 – one year of dietitian experience required - $2,325 semi-monthly
Level 3 – two years of dietitian experience required - $2,510 semi-monthly

Employees who fall into the following categories are in conditional employment positions: a) Executive Management; b) Deputy/Assistant Directors; c) certain other OCCHD employees individually designated by position number whose salaries, benefits, and/or overhead are based on revenue generating contracts, grants, or fee-for-service revenue. In other words, this means that if the funding or the program is terminated, cancelled, or non-renewed, your employment terminates automatically. This position is conditional.

Position TitleCompany NamePosition LocationRequirements
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