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The Nominating Committees of the Oklahoma Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics present the 2024-2025 Board of Directors Election Slate. 

Voting has ended. The results will be announced soon.


President-Elect Candidate

Krystal Dunham
Krystal Dunham, MS, RDN, LD
Lead Dietitian
The Mother Road Dietitian, LLC

As a member of the Oklahoma Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, I am committed to advancing the field of nutrition and dietetics in our state. I’m running for President-Elect, because I am eager to contribute my skills and vision to support our members and the communities we serve. My transition from a student member to active member to prospective President-Elect reflects my dedication to serving our community and driving positive change. Throughout my involvement with OKAND, I have strived to advocate for underrepresented voices and champion initiatives aimed at promoting diversity, equity, and inclusivity within our profession. If elected, I am committed to furthering these efforts, ensuring that our organization remains a welcoming and inclusive space for all members, regardless of background or identity. Throughout my career, I have witnessed the profound impact that good leadership can have on shaping the trajectory of an organization. If elected as President-Elect, I hope to bring fresh perspectives, ideas, and strategies to the table. My goal is to foster an environment of inclusivity and engagement, where every member feels valued in contributing their talents and perspectives. I am excited about the possibility of serving as President-Elect so that we can continue to advance the mission and vision of the Oklahoma Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Treasurer-Elect Candidate

Crystal GilmoreCrystal Gilmore, RD/LD
Clinical Nutrition Manager
Sodexo at OU Health – Edmond

With over 13 years of clinical experience, previously owning my own business, and currently working as a clinical nutrition manager, I feel that I have the experience and work ethic to act as OKAND’s treasurer precisely and sufficiently. I hope to aid the group in their efforts for policy change and the public’s knowledge of the dietetics practice, while also helping to protect licensure and move our profession forward. I feel that it is my duty to serve our community and each other, while keeping meticulous documentation as it pertains to the treasurer role. Please see below for a brief career history. Within the last 14 years, I have implemented process improvements within each environment, and I have continued to focus on patient care initiatives, inclusiveness, and positive monetary outcomes. Prior to my internship, I was involved in a published study within San Diego State’s student research program, focusing on glycemic control and inflammatory markers. During 2011-2012, while being an intern, I created a formula-focused spreadsheet for all Fresenius locations to utilize for exact fluid restriction/balance/RD recommendations and teaching. To my knowledge, they are using the auto-calculated sheet to this day.

 During my time at SSM Saint Anthony Hospital as an intern (2011-2012), and subsequently an RD 1 (2012-2014), I produced a time study within the bakery for food service management, introduced the policy for RDN’s to have order writing privileges for PO supplements and continued to see the policy come to fruition prior to my departure to begin working with OU Health’s Transplant Team in 2014.
Also, when I worked within SSM Health Saint Anthony Hospital, I created and implemented a nutrition support class for “silver team.” this team included medical students, residents, and practicing physicians. The overall outcome was positive. My theory in creating and teaching this class, is that providers would have an appreciation for RD’s and the clinical nutrition field.
While working for OU Health’s Transplant Team (2014-2018), I began a malnutrition project within the hepatology clinic that included community volunteer involvement from infusion companies, physician involvement, and team/clinician involvement. I was also involved with the QAPI team and attended meetings for further PI improvement. I Presented NFPE classes to transplant physicians, (both pediatric and adult). I created and presented a nutrition and transplant seminar to the National Social Work Convention for social workers to acquire CE credit.
Within my time at SSM Saint Anthony and OU Transplant, I co-owned a CrossFit Gym. Following my time within OU’s transplant team, I acquired a job as an account executive for a home health company. Within this role, I managed, recruited, and trained employees, management the BPCI, CJR, and other CMS-related quality initiative programs; I created and implemented education materials for providers and presentations related to biometric feedback and Cardiac care.
Lastly, but not last important, I am back home with Sodexo and continuing my love for clinical management, clinical practice, and clinical mentoring for employees and interns/medical students/residents etc.

Secretary Candidates

Ashton Greer
Ashton Greer, MS, RD, LD
Sodexo – Hillcrest Medical Center Main (Tulsa)
Dietitian Nutritionist 1 (Clinical Registered Dietitian)

I am running for this position because I not only would like to learn more about OKAND, but I would like to become more involved in the organization. Although I have just started my career as a Dietitian, I know that I have the skills needed to serve this position based on my past experiences. I have strong organizational and communication skills which I know are key to have for this position. Lastly, I had a great past experience in leading as the president of OSAND (student organization for OKAND) and would love to have another opportunity to lead for OKAND.

Adrienne Jacobs
Adrienne Jacobs, MS, RDN/LD
SNAP-Ed Program Manager
Chickasaw Nation

Passionate, detail-oriented and committed, while bringing tons of fun and energy! Ability to capture ideas, articulate goals and communicate clearly are strengths I will bring to this position. Your vote is appreciated and I would be honored to serve OKAND.


Member Services Chair-Elect Candidates

Kelley Sky-Eagle

Kelley Sky-Eagle, DHSc, RDN/LD, CDCES
Assistant Professor
Arkansas State University


As an active member and chair of the IDEA committee for the past two years, I would love to build upon those experiences through acting as Member Services Chair Elect. It has been wonderful to serve Oklahoma’s membership through IDEA. My committee and I have worked hard to create a new scholarship opportunity for our students, as well as promoting diversity awareness through webinars and community events. I wish to continue to serve our membership on an even larger scale in the upcoming year. As IDEA is a subcommittee of Member Services, I feel this will allow for a seamless transition into this new role. In this role, I would work towards a more active OKAND across the entire state. I look forward to hearing from the membership on how we can make OKAND best work for you.

Kristin Whisenhunt

Kristin Whisenhunt, MS, RD, CHES, LD
Clinical Dietitian
Bethany Children’s Health Center

I would like to get further involved and I possess some skills that would serve our organization well. As someone with a Type A personality that is also outgoing, I really enjoy planning and organization as well as constantly learning. I think this will be valuable in planning CEUs for our members as well as the awards banquet. I hope to get more members involved in events, as well as bring in dietitians that are not currently members and show them what the Academy can provide.

Public Relations Chair-Elect Candidate

Lisa Ballard
Lisa Ballard
Dietetic Intern
Graduate in May 2024

With great enthusiasm and commitment, I put forth my candidacy, driven by a deep passion for nutrition and a strong desire to contribute to advancing our field.

If elected as your Public Relations Chair, I am committed to leveraging my communications and media relations expertise to enhance our association’s visibility, credibility, and influence. I am confident that I can effectively serve as your Public Relations Chair and contribute to our organization’s continued success and growth.

Public Policy Representative Candidate

Shirely Evans, PhD, MPH, MA, RD, LD, PAShirley Evans, PhD, MPH, MA, PA, RDN, LD
Teaching Assistant Professor
Oklahoma State University
Shirley Evans is a Teaching Assistant Professor in the Nutritional Sciences Department at Oklahoma State University (OSU) in Stillwater, OK. She has a PhD in Nutritional Sciences from OSU, along with an MPH in Occupational and Environmental Health as a Physician Associate (PA), an MA in Dietetics, and a BS as a PA from the Oklahoma University Health Sciences Center (OUHSC). She also is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and has licensure in the State of Oklahoma as both a PA and Dietitian. Prior to her role in nutrition and higher education, she worked in health care as a PA in a variety of settings, such as the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Oklahoma University Medical Center Children’s Hospital, Oklahoma Foundation for Digestive Research, and the City of Oklahoma City Occupational Health Clinic. It was during her interactions with patients of all ages that she became increasingly aware of the importance of nutrition in the prevention and intervention of acute and chronic diseases and felt the desire to receive additional nutrition education. This motivation led to her receiving her nutrition degrees and completion of a dietetic internship. Her qualifications for the Board Member position of OKAND Public Policy Coordinator (PPC) Jr. include membership in the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) and the Oklahoma Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (OKAND). Currently, she is the OKAND Treasurer. She is dedicated to supporting and promoting OKAND public policy matters, along with continuing the excellent contributions provided by the current Jr. PPC, PPC, and Sr. PPC. She feels it is of utmost importance to keep OKAND members abreast of national and state legislative issues and public policy activities. Regarding legislative and policy activities, past experiences include that, as a PhD student in Nutritional Sciences at OSU, she was the OSU Graduate and Professional Students Government Association (GPSGA) Intergovernmental Liaison Officer. During her time with the GPSGA, she attended the legislative action day in Washington D.C. in support of policies impacting graduate and professional students, meeting with Senator Tom Coburn, Chief of Staff for Congressman Bridenstine, and staff members of Senator Inhoff and Congressman Mullins. On a personal note, she is quite fond of spending time with her family and has a passion for collecting cookbooks.
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